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Lonoy Cold Spring Jagna, Bohol Philippines

Lonoy Cold Spring in Bohol is a pretty rad spot to spend an hour or two swimming in the man-made pools which are fed by a nearby freshwater stream.

Lonoy Cold Spring Bohol tourist spot is a worthy place to check out while you’re in Bohol. You can visit Lonoy Cold Spring on the way to Kinahugan Falls, so you can combine these two locations on the same route. When you arrive at Lonoy Cold Spring you’ll find a small parking lot and ticket stand out the front before entering through the gates to the springs.
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This cold spring in the highlands of Lonoy has been a popular destination by the locals. Slowly it has been relayed by mouth about beauty and its accessibility. It can be reached by private vehicle up to the parking or single motorcycle, “Habal-Habal” or walk from the drop-off point to the cold spring when you take the public transport to Lonoy From Jagna center. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the spot. At present, it has already been known even from other people not only from Jagna but from nearby municipalities in Bohol. You will be amazed by the pristine waters that flow from the “Tubod” or natural source spring. According to the locals, there are five Springs around and these are the source of drinking water to the people of Lonoy getting it from the “Tubod”. At present this cold spring in the highlands of Lonoy is a popular destination during the warm summer months.

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Lonoy Cold Spring is made up of three separate springs that are fed from runoff of water from the nearby mountains. The flow of water cascades down the hillside into each mad-made pool and meets the freshwater stream at the bottom. It’s a popular location for the locals to hang out on weekends and you won’t find too many tourists here.

The Boholanos are always very friendly and welcoming to all tourist foreigners or locals. Visit Lonoy Cold Spring Jagna Bohol Philippines and learn more about the local way of life here on Bohol. Snacks and drinks are also available for purchase from the little shop next to the springs. The water depth in Lonoy Cold Spring is no more than six feet deep and it’s a great spot to cool off while listening to the sounds of the surrounding forested area.

Lonoy Cold Spring is best visited from Anda town in East Bohol which is a 38km drive with a journey time of 55 minutes. If you are staying in the main tourist area of Panglao, Lonoy Cold Spring is a 77 km drive that takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. The best way to reach Lonoy Cold Spring Bohol is to rent a scooter in Anda and make the drive south-west to Jagna.

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