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How To Get To Bohol In The Philippines

How to Get to Bohol in the Philippines

Bohol is an outstanding tropical island that is located in Central Visayas in the Philippines.

There are various islands in the Philippines, and Bohol is among the most exciting and diverse ones that you can visit. Typically, it is the 2nd leading tourist destination after Boracay. It boasts of its white, beautiful sandy beaches, diverse wildlife, incredible sites, and interesting history.
Do you like churches?
Our Lady of Assumption Church Dauis Bohol
If yes, then Bohol has many churches and some date back to the many years during Spanish colonization. Also, Bohol is the place for animal lovers and adventurers. It is a place you will experience the benefits that come with traveling.

Keeping that in mind, how do you get to Bohol Island?

Tagbilaran city is the main point of entrance to this island, whether you come by sea or air. It is a city that is less than an hour’s drive to the nearby Panglao Island, a place where many visitors stay.
Manila and Cebu are the main cities that you land from overseas. Thus, here is how you can get to Bohol from these cities:
1. Manila to Bohol island
Fly To Bohol
The easiest way to get to Bohol island from Manila is to fly. Various airlines like AirAsia, Philippines Airlines, and Cebu pacific offer direct flights.
It takes about one hour and thirty-five minutes to get to Bohol from Manila, and there are various departures. Therefore, you have many options to choose from. The departure airport is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the leading international airport in Manila. You can get by taxi.
The good thing about traveling by plane to Bohol from Manila is the cheap flights. Usually, they can be as cheap as $45 each way.
Bohol Panglao International Airport is the arrival airport. You can get to your hostel room by pre-arranged minivan transfers or taxi from this airport, which costs you about 500 to 800 pesos; this is about $10 t0 $15.
Also, you can take a tricycle. Tricycles are three-wheeled motorized taxis that are popular means of transport on the island, and it can cost you about $4 to $6. You can pay by cash the tricycles and taxi.
It is also possible to avoid going to Manila by flying directly to Cebu City airport if you are coming from abroad. However, not all the flights from abroad fly directly to Cebu.
You can book your flight via the airlines’ websites or book at their offices in the airports. Nonetheless, it is prudent to compare flight fares so that you can save some money by comparing airlines and purchasing the cheapest airline tickets.
2. Cebu to Bohol island
Cebu is the capital of the Visayas region; it is the southern capital of the Philippines. Like Manila, it is among one of the most significant, transport, business, and tourism hub city in the south.
3. By plane from Cebu
You can take a flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu to Bohol-Panglao International Airport. It is a suitable means for those people who do not like traveling by sea.
Flight fares usually vary depending on the airline carrier you choose, but these fares are quite expensive than the money you will use when you use a ferry. Flight time is about 40 to 50 minutes.
Like when getting to Bohol from Manila, you can opt to take a van, jeepney, or van to get to your hotel room in Panglao island or Tagbilaran. Luckily, you can bargain for the costs of these transport services.
By ferry
Oceanjet tickets Bohol Cebu
It will take two hours to reach Bohol when traveling by a ferry from Cebu. Ferry companies such as SuperCat and Oceanjet offer these transport services. Every ferry offers slated trips from Cebu to Bohol, and they provide different classes of seat tickets (Tickets are available above).
You can choose to take the ordinary (open-air) ferry seats if you want to save on your fares. However, you can choose to take the business class seats, which are more comfortable and give you a better view of the sea if you don’t mind spending an extra amount on fare.
When at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, you may take a jeepney to get you to Cebu Seaport. Here, you will proceed to the Cebu Pier 1 to catch the ferry. At Tagbilaran Port, you can choose to take a van, jeepney, tricycle, or taxi to your hotel (Most Hotels here offer transport services).

Oceanjet Ferry
You can buy your ferry ticket above here at the infobohol website that will show you the ferries leaving for Bohol as well as showing you the available travel times. Also, you can purchase the ferry ticket in the port terminal.
4. By bus
There is no direct bus connection from Cebu City to Bohol.
But, you can hire a private car when you arrive by ferry to take you around Bohol. Nevertheless, choose a vehicle that has roof racks since it provides extra space to keep your belongings.
In Conclusion
While planning your trip or vacation to Bohol island, the main thing to keep in mind is how you will get to this fantastic place. How much you are willing to spend and the time you have are the main determinants of the means you choose.

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