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A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots

If you are looking for a bit of refreshment and have not found any yet, Bohol province can be the right place for you.

The Island of Bohol Philippines is quite alluring for the people working days and nights in the office and hasn’t gone out on a holiday trip for a long time.
No tourist can resist the charm of the white sand of the coasts and the longing to dip one’s toes into the sky-blue water washing the banks constantly. Here is a quick tour of the historical buildings and commercial establishments of the place you want to take before you actually land on the island and enjoy your holiday.

Amazing Historical Spots You Would Love to Visit:
Well, one should not forget to get around the places like Chocolate Hills, the Blood Compact site, President Carlos P. Garcia memorial park, behind the Cloud, and Punta Cruz. Chocolate Hills is one of the most charming places. It is formed by the 1268 cone-shaped hills hidden in the greenery. This place is said to turn brown in the extreme sun. The effect is created by the green grass that alters its color at a very high temperature. One of the places Mount Carmel keeps drawing thousands of visitors because of its historical value. The tower there is said to be made up of limestone and adobe from a church.
As the locals say, the tower was damaged when Boholanos revolted against Spaniard warriors.
There are a lot of stories woven around the places and travel with you to all the places you will be.

Beautiful Beaches:
Alona Beach Tawala Bohol Philippines 015
Amongst all the beaches over there, Alona Beach is the most attractive place to be there. Other names quite popular with the public are:
Bikini Beach; Mamo beach; Dumaluan beach. These are some of the most enticing white sand beaches for all sorts of water sports as well.
You would thank God for the shops all around. You can order what you want from the long line of tiny shops that almost encircles the white sand beaches.

Outstanding Restaurants and Food:
linaw beach resort pearl restaurant bohol
One can enjoy the world-class resorts and restaurants out there for tourists from across the world. Some other beaches are famous among the tourist for the great seashells they have got.
The place attracts so big a crowd of tourists every year, the business owners have paid special attention to the kind of food they can provide to the visitors. There is a long list of restaurants that serve sumptuous food to travelers. If you ever happen to like the grilled seafood, that is all over the place there. More particularly, one can go to Jerry’s Grill at BQ MALL.

Those who have a great craving for international beverages can go down to Brew point coffee club.

With so much in store for visitors, Bohol is certainly one of the world’s top vacation places to be. Avoid too many hassles by reserving the tickets in advance. A little planning can enhance your experience at the summer vacation site.

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