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The Zoocolate Thrills Theme Park Loboc Bohol Philippines 002

The Zoocolate Thrills Theme Park Loboc Bohol Philippines

The Zoocolate Thrills is the first zoo theme park in Loboc, Bohol.

The Zoocolate Thrills Theme Park Loboc Bohol Philippines 004
It is a 5-hectare zoo park with an innovative attraction involving the replica of the famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen wherein inside interior has a breed of different kinds of animals. It is destined to be the only zoo adventure theme park in Bohol with different exciting rides and animal encounter experiences. Zoocolate Thrills is the habitat of Philippines’ Largest Snake in Captivity “Zooco”

These are some of the attractions when you visit The Zoocolate Thrills theme park in Loboc, Bohol

Coffee Shop
Taste our very own bestseller chocolate drink called “Zoocolate” inspires by Chocolate Hills and made of pure cocoa tablea

Have a majestic view of the whole scenic nature of Zoocolate Thrills. Chill and relax in the Pavilion.

Flower Terraces
Inspired by Rice Terraces witness the beauty of different species of flowers with varying colors, shapes, and sizes

Zooco the longest snake
Have an exciting and thrilling adventure as you take a glimpse of the Philippines’ Biggest Snake in Captivity, Zooco, a Burmese phyton that is wider and longer than any other snakes in zoos.

Take a look at one of the Philippines’ endemic animals, the Tarsier.

Tiger Habitat
Add excitement to your Bohol experience, have a close encounter with the tiger, and see them in their natural habitat or as they exhibit their amazing enrichment activities.

Buffalo pond
Take a wet and wild ride while sitting at the back of our Philippine Buffalos. Definitely, a must-try adventure just like the elephant ride in Thailand.

Taste and Savor different authentic Filipino and Visayan cuisines as you enjoy the beauty of Zoocolate Thrills view.

Souvenir Shops
Don’t forget to bring home a memorable souvenir of your Bohol Zoocolate Thrills adventure!!

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