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10 Hidden Places in Bohol – Exploring Bohol Like a Local

With a land area of 4821 square kilometers and a coastline 261 kilometers long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines.

Also known as the Visayas province, Bohol is not famous for any reason. One can find a broad spectrum of activities in every corner of the island. Ranging from breathtaking adventure activities to island-hopping, from cave pools to spectacular waterfalls, Bohol offers its tourists a trip chockful of fun and frolic. Let us get started and explore Bohol in theory so that when you head for the practical, you know what to expect when you step on this diverse island.
  1. Chocolate hills

Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Speaking about Bohol is synonymous with referring to Chocolate hills.
Chocolate Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 1300 hills that paint the view scape green when it rains and brown during the dry seasons. You can spend an entire day gazing at this natural wonder.
In case that is not your thing, you can also opt to take a trip to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Here you can engage in entertaining activities that give you an adrenaline rush. For instance, imagine enjoying a picturesque 360-degree view of the chocolate hills, while riding a bike suspended on a line 150 feet above the ground.

2. Dimaio’s arresting waterfalls

If you are someone who is fond of basking in the delightfulness of fanciful waterfalls, then you must include Dimiao in your travel itinerary.
Bohol Philippine Nature Tours Falls 017

Dimiao has three significant waterfalls

  1. Pahangog Twin Falls
  2. Ingkumhan Falls and
  3. Dam-Agan Falls.

These waterfalls are as majestic as the view on the opposite side of the falls. Floating coconuts and tree bridges with the backdrop of coconut trees swaying in the setting sun, sets the mood rolling.
And, if this does not satiate the explorer in you, you can always head towards other renowned spots, including, Ermita Ruins, Catugasan Peak, MacArthur’s Cap, Balbalan Beach, and Imelda Beach, etc.

3. Danao Adventure Park

E A T Danao Zipline Adventure Park
Another must-visit attraction in Bohol is the Danao adventure park wherein you can find extremely thrilling sports activities like ziplining, sky-riding, rappelling, kayaking, off-road dirt buggy driving, to name a few. This eco-park is the perfect getaway for groups of families or friends who are looking for sheer fun and are willing to try something out of the ordinary. Just make sure you carry a sports camera with you so that you can document all your adventures and flaunt them back home.

4. Panglao Island

Bohol Beach Alona
With this, we come to another renowned destination of Bohol. Flooded by some of the best resorts in Bohol, this island assures you easy access to the waterfront as well as plenty of water sports to enjoy. Covered with palm trees and filled with white sand, the beaches here make for a perfect recipe for a relaxed evening with calm waters and stunning sunsets session. When in the mood for some action, consider going in for snorkeling and diving, surrounded by coral reefs and marine life.

5. Candijay Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces
Rice terraces are an undeniable itinerary staple when you are traveling to the Philippines, but only a few know the fun in visiting the underrated gem of Bohol, i.e., Candijay Rice Terraces. You can find 60-foot tall Can-Umantad Falls here which is amongst the tallest falls in Bohol. The place has few other admirable sites too, like Kantaligsok Peak, Boongon Swip, Canawa Cold Spring, Danicop Jorge Brook, Candijay Mangrove Forest, etc.

6. Alicia Hills

Alicia Hills Bohol
Though it is not as popular or symmetrical as chocolate hills, Alicia hills take pride in its untouched character. This key feature is evident in its gorgeous ridges and local flavors, like rice paddies, etc. One can not get enough of lauding the beautiful landscape while hiking in the seemingly endless hills.

7. Anda beaches

Anda Beach Bohol 1
No itinerary for the Philippines is complete without the comprisal of the peerless Anda beaches.
Located on the east coast of Bohol, Anda is an absolute delight for people looking for some white sandy beach therapy. Apart from the bright turquoise sea, great sunset beaches and peculiar cave pools, Anda is known for its aquatic adventures, coral formations, rays, sea turtles, sharks, barracuda, and underwater walls.
Its spectacular collection of cave pools comprises of the East Coast Cave Pool, Combento Cave Pool, Kalingon Cave, etc. Cabognaw Cave Pool leads the lot in terms of popularity.

8. Tubigon

Tubigon Bohol
Another hot favorite amongst the locals is this port town that is blessed with captivating mountain ridges and hills along with untouched white beaches and sandbars. Tubigon has righteously preserved its heritage in its handicrafts like the loom weaving in Ilijan Sur, Panaytayon, as well as Norte, and Pinayagan Sur.

9. Danao

Sea Of Clouds Bohol
If you carry a burning desire to witness something magnificent, then it is suggested that you visit this gorgeous natural wonder in Bohol. Get off to the Danao’s peaks to catch Bohol’s sea of clouds. Once you hit the spot, immerse yourself in the vitality of the environment and take home an experience of a lifetime.

10. Philippine Wildlife Sanctuary

Tarsier Conservation Area
Bohol is home to tiny, wide-eyed, monkey-looking creatures called Tarsiers. You can visit and observe them in their natural habitat at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary.
For a more adventurous side of yours, you can try taking the trek through its forests. But it is advised that you remember to be well- prepared and step cautiously on its muddy, rocky and slippery trail.

Bohol Tarsier Monkey
Bohol Tarsier Monkey

Final words

Referring to beautiful tourist spots, Bohol accommodates both hidden gems as well as eminent classics. It has a lot to offer than what a journeyer’s eyes can see. Therefore, you should consider this information and enjoy even the undervalued attractions of this marvelous place.

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