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Cabilao Island of Loon

Discovering Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

Discovering Loon’s Pride—Rich Heritage and Admirable Natural Resources

Cabilao Island of Loon
Loon, a progressive municipality, is popularly known as Bohol’s nest of soul soothing attraction for tourists.
The town keeps old churches built as old as around 150 years old and untapped eco-cultural places. “Loon” name was locally derived from a water spring called “Tubig-Loon” that flows through underneath boulders of town’s Napo village. Water from springs meets the town’s blue water nurturing wide variety of marine and terrestrial species.
Other water landmarks most visited in the municipality are the Cabilao Island Lake where surrounding bamboo huts let you enjoy bird watching, Cabacongan Fish Sanctuary that protects all marine habitants in the area, and the footprint shaped lake called Green Footprint Lagoon, all found in Cabilao Island of Loon.

Loon town also shows off one of its heritage church structures called Nuestra Senora de la Luz, that was granted the title “The Crowning Glory of Recollect Architecture” in 2010. Historical places also worth visiting are Spanish regime constructed Mortuary Chapel, Spanish Colonial Cemetery which stands since the 1800’s, ancestral Ferrando and Messina houses, town’s public plaza, Grotto, and pilgrimage Big Cross site.

Map Of Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

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