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Alona Beach Tawala Bohol Philippines 010

Bohol Photos and Videos

Alona Beach Tawala Bohol Philippines 012

Bohol is most famous for its Chocolate Hills, the world’s smallest primate the Tarsier, and its famous heritage sites, as well as old stone churches.

Below is a series of videos about Bohol, Philippines.

Bohol Island Tourism Video from Ted Ramasola on Vimeo.

A video I shot showcasing Bohol’s attractions and interests using the JVC HD100 and HD200. A few frames shot with DVX.

Most shots were done with a custom 35mm adapter. a few with stock Fujinon and with a zoerk Nikon to 1/3 bayonet adapter.

Explore the wonders of Bohol with Pauline Amelinckx!
With Miss Universe Philippines 2022

The Phenomenal Province of Bohol

Calape Islands Trip

Heal The World Performed by Rotary Club Tagbilaran

Mirror of the world, you should see it

Areal of BUNG AW Eco Farm Clarin Bohol

Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

Wake up to the wonders of Bohol
Home to the world’s smallest primate, Tarsiers, the famous natural wonder, Chocolate Hills, plus the overflowing green landscapes and extensive seascapes.

We’re back in BOHOL! | Gabbi Garcia

Photos of Bohol:

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