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Mikes Bohol Motorcycle Rentals Bohol Philippines 2017 004

Best Place to Rent a Motorcycle in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

Looking for a Motorcycle or Motorbike to Rent in Alona Beach, Bohol? Need to know where the Best motorcycles for hire is in Alona Beach? Mikes Bohol Island Rentals!

Mike simply provides you with the motorbikes you need for touring Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, and all other neighboring Cities here in Bohol province.

10 Reasons to book your Motorcycle Rental with Mikes Bohol Island Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals at

  1. Every bike has full and up-to-date registration papers. (If you get stopped at a checkpoint with out-of-date papers, the driver can face a fine of 15,000 PHP)
  2. All bikes go through a 20-point safety check before every new rental, and come with free helmets and a child helmet if requested.
  3. We ensure every motorcycle has typesafe products as the roads here are not as flat or safe as at home and punctures are very common.
  4. We ensure you have a full tank of fuel before every rental.
  5. All bikes are nearly new so much less chance of mechanical failure.
  6. We will drop off and pickup up your rental bike free of charge
  7. Tyre pressures are checked before every rental period.
  8. We have a full staff of 9 people so it’s not just a case of we will pick up or drop off the bike when a cousin’s cousin gets back with it.
  9. All our prices are fair and competitive, and you get a very safe reliable Motorcycle as well as our expertise and help you get around.
  10. Mikes Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals is the biggest and most experienced Motorcycle Rentals Company for Alona Beach In Panglao Island. SO RENT WITH THE BEST

They offer exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and unlimited mileage on all of their motorbikes. The fleet consists of great reliability, excellent performance, handling, and comfort. In addition, they equip our motorbikes with premium tires, and all engines, brakes, suspension, etc. are well maintained and checked regularly.

They will deliver anywhere on the island of Panglao or Bohol. They also provide you with comfortable helmets (children’s helmets available upon request) approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
They do require a valid driver’s license and give you a full written rental agreement for the hire of the motorbike.
See the YouTube Video Below for more information.

Location: Mikes Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals

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