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Alona Beach Panglao Island Bohol Philippines

A True Story of Self Help in Alona Beach

A True Story of Self-Help in Alona Beach. A wonderful TRUE story of a leper beggar turned businessman! In Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.

The year was 2012 I met a leper in Alona Beach Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. He was scruffy and smelly with tattered clothing, obviously poor and homeless, he presented a card to me that sai.IM A LEPER Please donate to me?… The resort owners forbid him to solicit their guests…and the guards would kindly send him on his way. 🙁

Alona Beach Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
That was then when I realized, WOW, this guy could make a lot of money here selling sunglasses, slippers, and leather belts to the foreigners here, he doesn’t have a life like this!!
So I sat him down at Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort and explained to him this simple concept that could change his life Well his life changed forever! Well, he did change his life. Due to our little (45-minute chat) talking about the huge opportunity to make money, while providing a good service to our guests here in Alona Beach, Bohol. The Philippines…

He embraced the idea and now 4 years later, here he is making enough money to buy new clothes, and an apartment and have a good life. he looks great and he’s Proud of what he has accomplished.

If you happen to see him in Alona Beach…please buy something from this great person who decided to change his life…
This is a real-life story that he will be happy to share with you…and me as well…may God bless this man!
You will see him if you come to visit here…please support him by buying sunglasses or slippers or maybe a belt…
Sincerely, InfoBohol…

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