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Frequently Asked Questions About after the Earthquake and Typhoon in Bohol

Frequently Asked Questions About after the Earthquake and Typhoon in Bohol. Get the latest information about updates on the Bohol Earthquake and typhoon Yolanda.

1. Are there still aftershocks? NO
2. Are the chocolate hills destroyed? NO, only a few have cracks;
3. Are the roads of Bohol passable? YES, and most all damaged roads have been repaired;
4. Are the roads in Tagbilaran passable? YES, and the minor damages are repaired;
5. Are the roads from the airport or pier going to Alona Beach and Panglao passable? YES, there was never a problem;
6. Was the airport damaged? NO, runway had no cracks and terminal building had minor damages which are repaired;
7. Was the port damaged? YES, but only minor damages and cracks in the concrete have been repaired. The terminal building is functioning now;
8. Was Bohol hit by the typhoon? NO, only strong winds and this especially in the north of Bohol, and only minor damages were reported;
9. Was the reef (wall) of Cabilao and Balicasag damaged by the earthquake? NO, not a scratch;
10. Were All churches in Bohol badly damaged? NO, a few collapsed, a few had major damages, some had minor damages. Restoration is in progress;
11. Are all bridges passable on Bohol and the two bridges to Panglao? YES, the bridges to Panglao had only minor damages and are repaired, and all other bridges in Bohol are rebuilt or repaired;

12. Is it safe in Bohol? YES, very safe, actually one of the safest islands in the entire Philippines.

So, what are you waiting for (smile)? Don’t let yourself be discouraged by exaggerated media bullcrab. We live here and we know first hand of what’s going on and we want you to enjoy and to feel safe when thinking about us. It was already safe one day after the earthquake. Even during Yolanda (Typhoon) which hit the Visayas after the earthquake, there was only one day of ferry cancellation. Scuba Diving is great as usual. Water is a bit cooler, which is normal and the visibility is super. Lots of stuff to see and do.
Welcome to paradise.
Please comment below if you have any additional questions!

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