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We Love Bohol

What is the Best Month to go to Bohol?

December through February are the best months to go to Bohol due to the most comfortable climate conditions, and it’s not busy with tourists at this time as it’s not during the height of the peak travel season. In the height of summer, temperatures in Bohol can reach 33℃ (91℉).

So What is the Best Month to go to Bohol?

Bohol is primarily a diving destination. However, there are also many things to do if you travel with non-divers. The Island is very famous for two things, the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, the smallest primate on Earth!

So you can for example try:

A day trip to the famous Chocolate Hills. Explore the Tarsier sanctuary to observe these cute and tiny primates. Island hopping to discover some of the finest beaches of the Philippines like the Virgin Island. Enjoy a good massage and a short trip to the spa Enjoy a Snorkelling day tour to some of the best spots around the archipelago. Just relax on the fine beaches.
Whenever you decide to come to The island of Bohol, just know you will be in the land of friendship and have a great experience as Boholanos are friendly and good.
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