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Minimum Rates At The Water Paradise Resort, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 005

Minimum Rates at The Water Paradise Resort, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Water Paradise Resort is Tagbilaran’s newest in-land haven offering spacious and comfortable room accommodations with all the luxurious amenities and facilities provided for.

Located just within the city, the resort offers the perfect setting for wedding receptions, debut parties, live-in seminars, conferences, incentive dinners or just a quiet dinner for two.
Minimum Rates At The Water Paradise Resort, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 003
Water Paradise Resort is a holiday destination which is quite accessible, being located within the city of Tagbilaran. Complete with luxurious air-conditioned rooms, function areas, pools, coffee shop, restaurant, fitness gym, souvenir shop and other recreational areas, guests are assured of a remarkable and pleasant stay.

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Try their Chinese cuisine. They are meticulously prepared from the freshest ingredients and are delicious. The resort’s restaurant also serves grilled foods which will surely tickle your palate and make you crave for more. A quiet dinner with a special someone or with the whole family, the resort staff will gladly serve.

Efficient and well-trained, the staff is up to the task of preparing for special and exclusive functions. The resort often plays host to wedding receptions, debuts, seminars, and training programs. Patrons can either choose poolside dining, garden or an indoor affair. It is a favorite choice for the resort is situated in a quiet district, far from the noise and bustle of the central area of the city, and with an air of exclusivity.

Kids would surely love the pool and the playground. Parents don’t have to fear for the pools are just right for them. Walk-ins can avail of the pool at a minimal entrance fee of P60 pesos and can freely use the tables of the poolside restaurant. Guests can bring their own food yet can also avail of the delicious cuisine that the restaurant serves.

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