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Mosquito Control

In The Philippines Mosquito Control: How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

A while back my brothers house was swarming with Mosquitoes (Lamok) and we found the problem was they were breeding in the septic tank. see the video below

In The Philippines Mosquito Control is important. I found out that a vent from the septic tank was the way Mosquitoes were getting in and out and breeding.
They were breeding in the septic tank!!!! So, If you have a septic tank and a vent, cover the vent with screen and that will solve the Mosquito problem. Here is a video that proves what i’m saying.

It seems septic tanks here in the Philippines are breeding grounds for Mosquitoes and the vents should be covered with mesh or screening to prevent Mosquitoes from populating. This is crucial for any home owner in the Philippines that is played with a Mosquito problem. So, in conclusion, if you have a vent coming out of your septic tank, please use a screen or some way to counter the entrance and exiting of Mosquitoes from the septic tank. This seems to be the way Mosquitoes breed here in the Philippines. Thanks from INFO BOHOL!

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