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Bohol Better Than Boracay Philippines

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Bohol After The Lockdown

This is our list of the [Top-10] Best Places To Visit In Bohol After The Lockdown

If you are visiting the Philippines for the first time – then you must visit Bohol at least once. Because Bohol has a lot of beautiful destinations, things to explore, and the best places to visit and more.
Well, Bohol has the most iconic natural attractions such as the wide-eyed Philippines Tarsier, one of the smallest monkeys in the world, and the world-famous Chocolate Hills as well. Even Bohol has beautiful islands and many white-sand beaches too.
And today, we are going to talk about some places that you can visit in Bohol after the lockdown. So, let’s not waste time and see the most beautiful as well as safe places to explore in Bohol after the lockdown.

1. Chocolate Hills

Bohol Famous Chocolate Hills 2
No one knows how the Chocolate Hills become famous and exactly how many hills are there – but one thing is certain that the Chocolate Hills has a lot of attractions and you will regret it if you missed seeing them.
The Chocolate Hills have unique geological formations of over 1,000 cone-shaped hills and depending on the season – they have different colors. Moreover, the hills are spread out on a 50 square kilometer land and have different size of hills.
Best of all, this beautiful landmark is even featured in the local currency. There is a saying that – no trip to Bohol is complete without seeing this iconic landmark. So, if you are visiting Bohol after the lockdown – then must see these natural beautiful hills.

2. Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave
In any Bohol itinerary, Hinagdanan Cave excursions are a must-add thing, right? The cave is not only beautiful but also easily accessible from the waterfall destinations and the Chocolate Hills province.
This beautiful cave also has a pool of clear water at the bottom and under the mesmerizing sight of stalagmites and stalactites – you can swim if you want.
The meaning of this beautiful cave is “laddered in Cebuano.” There is a saying that the gorgeous cave is discovered accidentally by a farmer who built a ladder to get in the cave. And now this is a very popular and famous tourist spot in Bohol.

3. The Loboc River

Loboc Dinner Cruse
Well, the Loboc River is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Bohol. The residents and the local authorities are very careful to save this beautiful wonder of nature.
Loboc River Cruise Activity is the most popular activity in the river. The river runs through several towns in Bohol and there are lust tropical trees that increase the beauty of the river and make a perfect winding down for you in the afternoon.
And best of all, the boat will be serenaded by a local band to entertain you until Busay Falls which is the end of the river journey. Again, you will enjoy their cultural show of song and dance as well. You can dance with the locals as it will be a great memory for later as well as it will be the highlight of your day!

4. Dine at Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm Tour Panglao Island
While exploring the beautiful place and things – you must be hungry, right? Well, the Bohol Bee Farm offers organic food that’s prepared by their head chef and owner, Vicky Wallace, in a day tour in Panglao Island.
Moreover, the Bohol Bee Farm is a private resort and now it has become a popular stop for a Panglao trip before you move forward to Alona Beach. But if you want to eat like a local in Bohol – then there are lots of restaurants that you can try to get the best experience and enjoy delicious foods in Bohol as well.
On the other hand, the bees are not the actual stars on this farm; it’s the food. And its real deal is the hand-carved dining set with the wonderful treats. I love the fried fish most (it contains a very unique taste and so different from my oven fried fishes at home) And you can eat the flowers as well. The flowers are meant to be eaten!

5. Tarsier Sanctuary

The tarsiers and their big eyes are synonymous with Bohol like the Chocolate Hills as well. They are considered to be the smallest primate in the world. These nocturnal creates are so cute and they just grow to be maximum 15 centimeters long.
And you can also find these beautiful creatures in other Philippine destinations like Leyte, Mindanao, and Samar as well. And if you are visiting for the first time in Bohol – then don’t miss a visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella or the Tarsier Conservation Area. And you may find it more beautiful – if you visit thereafter this lockdown.
As these wonderful creatures are nocturnal and are asleep during the day – make sure to keep the noise down because they are very sensitive to sound. While taking their photos – don’t use the flash and let them sleep.

6. Visit Bohol for the BEST Island-Hopping Experience to explore Bohol’s Diverse Marine Life

Virgin Island In Bohol Philippines
Well, Bohol has extraordinary white-sand beaches along its coastline. And there are lots of destinations that you can visit during island-hopping tours in Bohol. You can experience snorkel or dive aside from swimming or sunbathing.
There are extremely beautiful beaches that you can explore like Balicasag Island, Pamilacan Island, Virgin Island, and many more. Balicasag Island is popular for diving and snorkeling spots in Bohol as it has precious marine life. And in Pamilacan Island – you can experience dolphin-watching activity.

7. Explore Bohol’s Adventure Parks

Bohol Better Than Boracay Philippines
You must visit the adventure parks in Bohol – if you are a thrill-seeker and want to reveal Bohol’s natural wonders.
And if you are traveling with a group of adult friends – then you must visit these or some of these parks. There are multiple parks that you can visit for your pleasure like Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Danao Adventure Park, and Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park as well.
However, there are several ways you can view these places by adventure park tours. Like you can get a spectacular view of the Chocolate Hills and the Loboc River by trying their cable car ride or zip line with the Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park experience.

8. The Hanging Bridge

Crossing The Breathtaking Tigbao Hanging Bridge Bohol Philippines 0002
I know that you’ve crossed hanging bridges numerous times – but have you ever crossed one which is totally make out of bamboo? The hanging bridge is made of woven bamboo straps and stretches over a gently flowing river.
There is an entrance fee – but if you have joined with a sightseeing tour in Bohol, then you will get free access to the beautiful tourist spot.
However, if you have a fear of height – then crossing the bridge might scare you or even if you are crossing it for the first time – yet, it might scare you as well! But don’t worry as it’s totally safe and you may find a different way to enjoy the Loboc River.

9. Visit The Man-Made Forest

Loboc Bilar Man Made Forest Bohol Philippines Tourist Attraction 0006
The full name of the forest is Bilar Man-Made Forest which is one of the best and the most enchanting places in Bohol. Governor Conrado Marapao started the reforestation project in 1947 and launched in 1953. The intention of this project was to stop the Loboc watershed deforestation.
To plant the seeds, many government employees, laborers, locals, and even students helped each other to make the project successful. The forest consists of 20,000 hectares in the town of Carmen, Jagna, Loboc, Valencia, Batuan, Sierra Bullone, and more.
Moreover, there is a natural tunnel formed by the canopies of well-spaced trees. And if you are looking for a short pit stop before your next adventure as it’s a tranquil place – then the forest is just north of it.

10. Explore Bohol’s Waterfalls

Bohol Philippine Nature Tours Falls 017
Relax at Bohol’s most popular waterfalls. There are a lot of gorgeous waterfalls accessible by public transportation or you can also join in a Bohol waterfalls escapade to enjoy the best out of waterfalls.
There are extremely beautiful beaches like Mag-Aso Falls, Twin Falls, Camugao Falls, Kawasan Falls, and many more.
Out of 20 waterfalls in Bohol, the Mag-Aso Falls has fewer crowded as well as most accessible from the capital of Tagbilaran City. And the twin beach is just around an hour’s drive from the Alona Beach and it’s the most beautiful spots anywhere in the region.

Well, these are the best places to visit in Bohol after the lockdown. Basically, Bohol has a lot of attractions for the tourists and if you are visiting Bohol for the first time – then you must visit these places that we have mentioned above to explore the most beautiful places, things, and the local food as well.

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