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The Best of Alona – A White Beach Experience

We offer The Best of Alona Beach where your sure to enjoy A White Beach Experience

Alona beach panglao island bohol
Panglao Island of Bohol is a haven for white beach seekers. Among Bohol’s diverse coastlines, Alona beach (Panglao Island) which stretches one and a half kilometers of the island seems to be garnering popularity from tourists. Besides soaking under the sun and sunset watching, the beach generously suggests tons of things to do with varied establishments and resorts built within the area.

If you’re into water sports or recreational sports, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the snorkeling sites with colorful reefs housing thousands of exotic fish species. You can either bring own snorkeling accessories or rent snorkel equipment from the local dive shops cheap. For starters, most diving schools are located close to the beach and are available to help you get started with diving or snorkeling.

With several diverse resorts to choose from, tour packages are available to match your Bohol budget trip. Eating out in restaurants here, you will be happy to know, those looking to explore locally prepared cuisines will find some of the best food here. Your vacation isn’t over! At night, the beach is all lit up and teaming with places to be entertained by various open bars, live music and friendly people ready to serve you, the tourists.
Its Better In Bohol!
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