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Philippines Resorts Top Destination | Stonehouse Gardens Resort

The Best Philippines Rainforest Resort!

Philippines Resorts Top Destination – StoneHouse Gardens Resort!
Stonehouse Gardens Resort Philippines
Treat yourself and your family to a truly unforgettable Philippines luxury resort vacation with Stonehouse Resort in Panicuason, Naga City, Philippines.
Boasting of a unique and distinguished style all its own, a wide array of spacious rooms, close attention to detail, excellent service, and picturesque mountain surroundings.

Our unique Philippines resort is deemed to provide you with endless vacation thrills, from the sparkling morning due of the spacious open mountains to the five-hectare estate and the all inspiring Mount Isarog National Park in the Philippines.

Searching for paradise on a relaxing vacation? You’ll always find it here at Stonehouse Resort!
Our hotel is a world-class accommodations facility that was developed and designed with simplicity, privacy and comfort in mind.

With a wide array of rooms to choose from, De Luxe, Family and Bridal Suites, we have come up with a very unique approach to luxurious accommodations for you and your family.

Our rooms take inspirations from all over the world, with rooms Mediterranean themed. We have found that our guests take especially great pleasure in the fact that our almost fanatical attention to detail, coupled with unmatched customer service, being one of our main strengths in the industry.

We are directly beside the Mount Isarog National Park, a protected area of the Philippines that plays a vital role in the preservation of nature. Located within a secure five-hectare estate, the property consists of virgin rainforest, the resort development, ponds, falls, rivers and others.

Tours around the Luxury Resort

A Stonehouse Day Tour is when we accommodate you, your family and friends over at the Cabana through the day, from 10:00 AM until sunset. A Day Tour includes the use of the Infinity Pool, tennis court, and the grounds. You can take a tour around the estate, go hiking around the resort, trekking through the rainforest trails, or ride mountain bikes through our paths.

In the Cabana, you can enjoy a relaxing day with friends and family, enjoy some great food and company. This is where we serve buffet lunches, hold large parties and programs. It’s also where the our Pit is located. The Pit is a sunken area of the Cabana filled with cushioned seats so guests can enjoy photo opportunities. It’s where the see-through window to the pool is.

A Day Tour is perfect for parties when you want to treat friends and families to The Stonehouse Experience, a unique and special day where you can be near nature, enjoy great food and have a good time. And at the end of the day, be rewarded with the famous Stonehouse Sunset; you can watch as the sun sets behind far-off mountains while the sky turns a deep shades of red and orange across the beautiful San Miguel Bay.

Stonehouse Resort is located in Barangay Panicuason, Naga City, Philippines.

Stonehouse Adventures, Inc,

Panicuason, Naga City, Philippines 4400

Phone: 09283052050 | 6983848


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