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HIGALA Resort Panglao Island Bohol Philippines009

Our List of 9 Cheap Resorts in Bohol

Here is our List of 9 of the Cheapest Budget Resorts in Bohol!

Planning a vacation to Bohol? We are your source for Cheap Bohol Resorts! We offer the best Guide for hotels, cheap hotels, discount hotels, and vacation packages right here at
Budget accommodations are offered for Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. Get the best rates on your favorite hotels and resorts in Bohol.

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Panglao Grande Resort Bohol Philippines 4

Panglao Grande Resort Bohol Philippines

Brace yourself to rediscover the essence of paradise in Panglao Grande Resort. The resort offers the best Bohol accommodations and ...
Bohol Beach Resorts COLLAGE

Top Beach Resorts for Tourists in 2023 in Bohol Island, Philippines

Our list of the Top Beach Resorts in 2023 for Tourists in Bohol Island, Philippines If you're looking for the ...
Amarela Resort-Bridge

Amarela Resort in Libaong, Bohol, Panglao Island

Amarela Resort in Libaong, Bohol, Panglao Island is one of our top picks in Panglao Island, Bohol. Featuring a private ...
Junior And Nemesia’s Cottages Pamilacan Island Bohol Philippines 0001

Junior And Nemesia’s Cottages Pamilacan Island Bohol Philippines

Come as a guest, leave as a friend. Welcome to the beautiful Junior And Nemesia’s Cottages! A family-run resort offers ...
The Nova Beach Resort, Panglao, Philippines Cheap Rates And Great Discounts! 002

The Nova Beach Resort Panglao Philippines Cheap Rates and Great Discounts

The resort’s style is private and its surrounding is so quiet. A perfect place to relax and unwind. Nova Beach ...
Great Deals At The Magic Oceans Dive Resort, Anda, Bohol, Philippines! Book Now! 001

Great Deals at The Magic Oceans Dive Resort Anda Bohol Philippines Book Now

Come and dive at Magic Oceans Dive Resort in Anda, the pearl of the super green island of Bohol. On ...
The Resort La Pernela Beachfront, Dauis, Philippines Great Rates! 005

The Resort La Pernela Beachfront Dauis Philippines Great Rates

For those who want a peaceful retreat away from the busier Alona beach, La Pernela is a good option. Set ...
The Dive Thru Scuba Resort Panglao, Bohol, Philippines 003

The Dive Thru Scuba Resort Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

Come experience the other side of Bohol. Escape the crowded beaches and soak up the sun and the sea in ...
Linaw Beach Resort Bikini 007

Linaw Beach Resort and Restaurant Panglao, Bohol

Linaw Beach Resort Panglao Island Bohol Philippines Come bask in the sun as you enjoy true hospitality at Panglao, Bohol's ...
The Bellevue Resort Bohol

Bellevue Beach Resort Panglao Bohol Affordable Rates

Book The Bellevue Beach Resort Bohol. Instant confirmation and a best rate guarantee. Big discounts online with Info Bohol The ...

Henann Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol – Great Discounts World Class Accommodations

Book Henann Resort Alona Beach Now! Discount Rates in Alona Beach, Panglao Bohol! Planning a trip to Alona Beach, Panglao ...
My Island Casitas Pamilacan Island Bohol Philippines Cheap Rates 0005

My Island Casitas Pamilacan Island Bohol Philippines – Cheap Rates

My Island Casitas Villa features views of the sea and your Island escape with white sand beach, playful dolphins, and ...
linaw Beach Resort Bohol Top 10

Top 10 Beach Resorts In Bohol Because Summer is Fast Approaching!

Book Direct Alona Beach Resorts and Hotel below; It's time to Review the Top 10 Beach Resorts in Bohol Philippines: ...
Island View Beachfront Resort Bohol Front

Island View Beachfront Resort Anda Bohol – Discount Booking

Book Now at the Island View Beachfront Resort Enjoy some sightseeing in Bohol when you stay at Island View Beachfront ...
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