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This is Why You Should Visit Bohol Philippines – Its More Fun in the Philippines

The current slogan of Philippine tourism is “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.

Bohol Is One Of The Most Attractive Tourist Destinations In The Philippines! 002
The concept of fun is now redefined to include responsibility in taking care of our tourist destinations to sustain a ‘more fun experience for future generations. But many people wonder if is it really more fun in Bohol Philippines. What’s so special about the country?

Well, aside from the friendliness and hospitality of the Pinoys and the Pinays (which are Filipino slang for Filipino men and women respectively), there are so many activities that you can do in this small country.

The most famous tourist spots in the Philippines are water bodies. There they have hundreds of great beaches that have the finest white sand. There are rivers and gigantic lakes that are rich in history too.
The favorite tourist destination for many people is the Panglao Island of Bohol. Well, we all know what this island offers, right?
Basically, Panglao Island, which is found in the Visayas islands of the Philippines, is the home of the finest white sand that doesn’t even get hot no matter how hot the sun may be. Yes, this is true.
The island is also home to many different activities that everyone can participate in. In the evening, the island becomes the hottest party place as the shore is lined up with bars and the like.
Bohol Resorts
It is more fun in the Philippines because of the diverse activities that you can do here. The Philippines is not a huge country. You can travel from the north to the south in less than a month – even when you are spending quality time in each of their tourist spots. Tagalog or not, you will be able to communicate well with the Pinoys and Pinays there, which will guarantee you that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

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