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bohol internet speed guide

Internet Speed in Bohol Philippines

Often visitors ask “Whats the Internet Speed in Bohol Philippines”

12.4 Mbps on average you can expect outages and periodic interruptions in internet while visiting here.
bohol internet speed guide

According to a new info released by ASEAN DNA, Southeast Asia’s average internet speed is currently 12.4 Mbps, which is a bit behind the average global speed of 17.5 Mbps. Based on the data gathered from March 7 to April 5, 2014, Singapore still leads the race with speeds of 61 Mbps.

Here in Bohol, if you have a wireless 4g or 4g+LTE capable open line device like the ZTE 4G Mobile Hotspot (this one works the best here)
Then you will see speeds of 2mb to 32 mbps here in most parts of Bohol. Smart is the best and globe is good too but totally cuts you off at 1GB of data. 🙁

Most resorts and hotels here have DSL and that will give you about 2-3MBPS connection but is down 40% of the time. Late at night you will get the best speeds.
So there you have it, your guide to internet in Bohol.

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