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Chocolate Hills In Carmen Bohol (7)

InfoBohol Celebrates an Amazing Year in 2022

its been a jam-packed year with excitement in Bohol, Philippines

With tons of new roads to drive down, and new and exciting attractions, new business, new resorts and hotels popping up everywhere.
Recovery is now 100% and we are starting to see a huge influx of tourism here. Tourism is one of the most important sectors in the Bohol economy. More than 2.8 million tourists a year come to Bohol and i’m sure there is more to come in 2023.

Every year, tourists flock to Bohol to take advantage of its beaches, warm weather, cultural events, amusement parks, and cultural sites.
But there is great news! The provincial government signed a memorandum of agreement with AirAsia, which will ensure low fares and help in marketing Bohol as a must-visit, must-return destination.

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Will see you in Bohol….It’s really Better In Bohol!

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