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Bohol Native Python And Wildlife Park Alburquerque004

Bohol Native Python and Wildlife Park Alburquerque

The largest python in captivity can be found in Alburquerque, Bohol.

This python is over 25 feet long and is fed one small pig a month. Prony, the python was eventually transferred to the Municipality of Baclayon and died later on.

The Bohol Python and Wildlife Park is really a fun place to visit and educational for people who are interested in learning about the need for wildlife conservation. The tour will take about 30 to 45 minutes to explore the entire park.

There are also many other animals to be seen here, including a Philippines Eagle that was rescued and brought here.
Without the Bohol Python Sanctuary and Wildlife Park, these animals could not survive in the wild due to injuries sustained either by other animals or humans trying to capture them to sell for a profit.

By visiting the Bohol Python Sanctuary and Wildlife Park, you are helping to support these rescued animals with every ticket low-cost purchase.

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