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Seaside Beach Resort Park Bohol 106

Bohol Beach Resort – Seaside Beach Resort Dimiao

Welcome to Seaside Beach Resort Dimiao, Bohol, Philippines

Seaside Beach Resort In Bohol117
Seaside Beach Resort was designed and built for the local Filipinos to enrich their quality of life while maintaining affordability for all people to enjoy.
Just 45 Min from the new Panglao International Airport there is another world that awaits you!

If you looking to experience a true Filipino Culture and Lifestyle Experience, then Seaside Beach Resort Bohol is the place to go!
We promise to promote a safe place for foreigners and Filipino guests alike (24 Hr Guard on duty 7 days a week) and we invite foreigners to visit and experience the Filipino culture at a Provence level and experience the Boholano hospitality that can only be found here at Seaside Beach Resort in the small province of Dimiao, Bohol.

From the white sandy beaches to the friendly staff and our friendly Filipino guests, it’s a true opportunity to experience and mingle with the local Filipino culture and enter their world.
Enjoy the Filipino cuisine from our BBQ to our Karaoke full liqueur bar as well as the monthly local events we promote.
Here at Seaside Beach Resort, we strive to make your stay with us truly memorable, something you can enjoy and write home about. Smiles, Fun on the beach and in the sun as well as snorkeling and island hopping, great entertainment, and friendly staff are just some of the amenities we offer.
We really care about our guests here, and it shows!
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What Seaside Beach Resort Can Offer Our Guests:

  • The Ultimate Filipino Culture and Lifestyle Experience
  • Affordable Accommodations
  • White Sand Beach Front Cottages
  • Mutable View Decks
  • Island Hopping
  • Filipino Food/Filipino Cuisine
  • Karaoke Bar (full liqueur bar)
  • Designed and Built For a foreigner/Filipino Experience
  • Dally Local Filipino lifestyle Experience
  • FREE HIGH-SPEED WIFI Internet Access
  • Popular Filipino Events like Bikini Contests, Beauty Contests Etc
  • Friendly Full-Service Staff (Always Smiling)
  • Very Secluded Very Private Location

Or Beach Resort is unique in that it provides you with the true culture experience of the Filipino culture are more than reasonable prices that will surely leave you pleasantly surprised.
Book Now and find out why we are different from any other beach resort in the Philippines.

Map to Seaside Beach Resort

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