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Alona beach panglao island bohol

Best Beaches In Bohol

Here is our list of 5 great beaches to visit when in Bohol.

Where are The best beaches in Bohol? From snorkeling, swimming, coral to sandy white beaches, you are bound to find a perfect place for your sunny Bohol beach holiday.

#1 Beach In Bohol – Alona Beach

Alona beach panglao island bohol
Alona Beach Is about the most famous beach in Bohol. Alona Beach is a small stretch of whits sand beach and resorts galore, a small paradise on Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines. It is quickly becoming one of the top travel destinations in the country with over 75 beach restaurants to choose from and tons of live entertainment at night followed by plenty of dive shops as well.

#2 Beach In Bohol – Bikini Beach

bikini beach in bohol
Come Splish and Splash at Bikini Beach in Bohol. A very secluded small stretch of beach that not many know about.

#3 Beach In Bohol – Pamilacan island beach

pamilacan island beach bohol
pamilacan island beach is an must to visit for beach lovers, very secluded beach just a 15-20 minute boat ride from Alona Beach, defiantly worth checking out.

#4 Beach In Bohol – Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach
Dumaluan Beach Resort offers guests a variety of fun outdoor activities to choose from like jet skis, para-sailing boat cruising, and more.

#5 Beach In Bohol – Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach
The beach at the seaside beach resort is great! Is a little bit of a drive from Tagbilaran City but well worth the 45 min trip.
They have huts for rent there, inter-tube rentals and great karaoke. They also offer boat tours as well.

So in Conclusion:
Here are our top five picks for bohol beaches. Please comment below if you know some more to ad to the list.

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