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Baclayon Church Interior

Baclayon Bohol – A Monumental Relic of Bohol’s History

Baclayon is A Monumental Relic of Bohol’s History

Baclayon Church
The community of Baclayon in Bohol marks as one of the most spectacular tourist places for avid visitors of historical relics. The town was the first municipal built by Spaniards which was later on preserved to maintain old structural churches and houses. In 1995, Baclayon’s most visited Catholic Church was recognized as National Historical Treasure for its Spanish-inspired architectural form. Over 67 ancestral houses are lined up at Baclayon’s main road, featuring different Spanish colonial craftsmanship. The Association of Baclayon Ancestral Homes organized by the house owners agreed to help out the town’s tourism industry by allowing tourist guests to stay in their homes.

Another amazing display you should watch out for in Baclayon is the entertaining dolphin show at Pamilacan Island. If you’re interested in visiting nearby beaches, a pick-up can be arranged with fishermen crews who offer dolphin watching tours. Be ready to take an early morning trip since these aquatic mammals are often visible before sunrise to hunt for food. After a grand early treat, you can walk around on beautiful white-sand beaches on Pamilacan Island to feast on freshly prepared seafood delicacies.

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