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5 Fun Things to Do After The Lockdown in Bohol

Bohol Travel Guide: Our List of 5 Fun Things to Do After The Lockdown

Are you bored with the monotony of daily life?

If you feel like breaking the mundane, then a vacation is what you need. When you let your hair down and get out in the sun, the feeling of relaxation is almost unparalleled. 
Bohol, Philippines is an exotic destination that offers you a host of fun-filled activities, this is something that most people are on the lookout while vacationing.
If you feel the urge to explore a place with more to do and see than you can imagine, the best place to visit would be – Bohol, Philippines.
With plenty of self-drive rental car options as well as motorcycles and scooters, you know just how important it is to enjoy a serene and exciting experience during your vacation.
However, the best part of any holiday is also an indulgence of exotic food and culture found nowhere else on earth. Therefore, here are the most fun-filled activities for you to indulge in during your trip to the laid back lifestyle of Bohol.

1. Embrace the Serenity of Hinagdanan Caves

Hinagdanan Cave is a cave in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.. It is famous for its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in the caves’ ceiling and the floor as well as the depths of its crystal-clear blue lagoon water. Sunlight permeating through the various holes on the roof of the cave lights up to witness a magical experience. 
These caves are also a popular swimming spot with calm waters to cool your spirits. Hinagdanan translates into “ladder” and is named so based on the exciting story about its discovery. 
The stone ladders are the only way to enter the 100 m long cave.

2. Explore Depths of Nature at the Panglao Island’s Diving Spots

What is above may be twice below! Yes, you heard it right. The best experiences are not so much as above the land as it is beneath the crystal clear waters of the Bohol sea.
Are you dreaming about swimming with turtles?
Do you feel like you want to get lost in the beautiful undersea coral world surrounded by fish? 
Then Bohol is the perfect place to make your dreams a reality. A few minutes ride from the Alona Beach, a popular tourist hotspot, lies an exotic diving sanctuary with a paradise for small fish, even clownfish, yes, come meet Nemo here in Bohol.
Other interesting diving spots such as those at Doljo Beach and the Balicasag Marine sanctuary offers an extravagant variety of marine life such as gorgonians, sponges, and much more, all year round. 
Most of the resorts in Bohol have a dive shop on their premises. A quick query with the dive instructors at Philippine Fun Divers can lead you to a diving spot at a stone’s throw distance from your resort. All you need to do is pack all the essentials on the roof rack storage on your vehicle and head to the spot!

3. Serenade on the Loboc River Cruise

Lunch cruises along the Loboc river are extremely popular because of the scenic sights. The river originates near the town of Carmen and drains ultimately into the Mindanao or the Bohol Sea. 
The river passes through the town of Loboc and offers live entertainment by local musicians and dancers and a spectacular view of the Loboc Church, located across the river. The trip includes a visit to the scenic Busay Falls, amongst other incredible views and destinations.
However, this is not all that there is to offer. 
Loboc river cruises are also very famous for their floating restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a lunch buffet at the floating restaurants and other fun activities such as paddle boarding and bird watching.

4. Take a trip to the Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier Conservation Area is a sanctuary where you can observe the Tarsiers in Bohol from close up.
Next to the Chocolate Hills lives the Tarsier, Bohol’s mascot, and this beady-eyed primate is small enough fit in your hand. However, this primate more than makes up for its size with its nocturnal praying activities. Found mostly in the Loboc Town’s Tarsier Conservation Area, you can spot this now endangered species taking a daytime nap by clinging onto the trees’ branches. 
You can also meet them upfront at the Rio Verde Tarsier Place at Barrage Agape in the town of Loay. You will be surprised how small yet unique these creatures are with their swiveling ears. The previous habitat destruction of this species has now rendered it as an endangered species. 
Most sanctuaries in Bohol that house the Tarsier also ensure a wide variety of other attractions such as restaurants, souvenirs, and other themed shops and establishments for you to take a sneak peek for mementos and other memorabilia.

5. Experience the Adrenaline Rush at Danao Adventure Park

Remember when you wanted to break the monotony of mundane routines?
Your search ends at the adventure park in Danao. The adventure park is lined with a host of adventure sports that are a total adrenaline rush. 
You can swing across the gaping wide cliff on a zipline or face your fear of heights while suspended with nothing but a bungee cord.
There is nothing that the Danao adventure park offers that will not make you stare at nature with the ultimate thrill and excitement.

The Bottom Line?

Although these are some of the highlights o the many things that you can do while visiting Bohol, the main reason to take a vacation is to unwind and be at one with nature.
With its primitive yet natural ambiance, Bohol has so much more to offer than what is listed here. So, allow yourself to explore and find the riches and natural beauty of the Island.
Bohol is a place where you can hear nature’s call to you!

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