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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bohol🌴

Here are our top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bohol, Philippines


Bohol is one of the many Islands that make up the Philippines. The Island of Bohol has a picturesque landscape and rich culture which leaves visitors wishing they had more time on the island. Bohol is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations because of the diversity of its main attractions. The landscape, the culture, the people, the buildings, and the activities are just the tip of the iceberg.

1) The Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills are perhaps the most fascinating detail of touring Bohol Island. These over 1000 hills stretch over a 50 square kilometer area with the individual hills ranging between 30 and 120 meters in height. The thing about Chocolate Hills is that they almost look like something someone placed on the land. It still remains a puzzle that even geologists are still trying to comprehend. Despite being covered by green grass, the name ‘Chocolate Hills’ comes from the fact that the hills turn brown during the dry season.

2) The Tarsiers
Bohol Tarsier Monkey

It’s one of the country’s oldest and smallest primate creatures. These furry and big-eyed animals are almost the size of a grown man’s hand. The Philippine tarsier sleeps for the better part of the day; they are active at night looking for food, which is mostly insects. Two interesting facts about the animal are one, that it can rotate its head almost 180 degrees and that when stressed from all the fuss by tourists, it commits suicide by hitting its head hard on extremely hard surfaces.

3) The Landscape
rice terraces Bohol Philippines
Being an island, Bohol’s landscape provides an amazing use of time, some of these include Coron Rock Formation, Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao, Malaroyroy Island, Villa Palawan among others. Boat rides provide an efficient means of transportation to most of these sites although tourists can get a license if they decide to stay over a 90-day stay to drive the locally available rental cars in Panglao.

4) The Food
Even in the not so pricey restaurants, the food in Bohol still remains finger licking. Mostly seafood and pastry, Boholano cuisine is at its best during the food festival in July. This time of the year, tourists are treated to local dishes for free in at least ten houses. Alona beach in Panglao Island, Bohol also has a great variety of Filipino-style food from fresh seafood to beef, pork, and chicken BBQ that will surely satisfy any stingy pallet.

5) The Bamboo Hanging Bridge
Bohol hanging bridge
Found in Sevilla, the Tension Bridge provides a link across the banks of the Sipatan River. Originally built using bamboo and rope only, the modern version of the bridge is now strengthened with steel cables and more durable material for the comfort and safety of its users. There is another bamboo hanging bridge located in Loboc, Bohol that stretches across the Loboc River, it’s truly a wonderful place to visit when coming to Bohol.

6) The Arts
To get a glimpse of Boholan art, there’s a branch of the national museum in Tagbilaran City which showcases the Bohol of then and the Bohol of today. Artifacts and archaeological preserves extracted from the island are mostly of a Spanish theme. The Baclayon church also has a miniature museum that has displays mainly of the church’s vestiges.

7) The Upbeat Feel of the Island
It’s not only in the culture and landscape, there more to Bohol than what meets the eye. Mysterious caves such as the ones in Anda, the Danao Adventure Park, kayaking, root, and wall climbing are the many hidden treasures of Bohol which take tourists by surprise on a visit to Bohol.

8) The Beaches
lost horizon beach dive resort panoramic Alona beach Bohol Low travel season
Of the countless beaches in Bohol, Panglao stands out as a breathtaking site with white sands and numerous world-class beach resorts. Located on the south of Bohol, on this stretch of beaches there’s a lot of activity that one can engage themselves in; dolphin watching, island hopping as well as diving make up the wide choice a tourist is exposed to

9) The Churches

Our Lady of Assumption Church Dauis Bohol
Our Lady of Assumption Church Dauis Bohol

Among them is the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Baclayon Church, and the Dauis Church; edifices that exhibit the intense spirituality contained in the island.

10) Fit for all Tastes
Remember, when driving in Bohol your foreign driver’s license is legal to drive here for 60 days of stay.
So have a great time in the Philippines, whatever your taste is.

Visit Bohol and find your own reasons to visit it again and again.

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